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In this section we will cover:

Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft Teams as our main communication tool for internal communications. Microsoft Teams allows for private chats as well as a wealth of collaborative features in Channels and Groups.

Microsoft Teams is also where we keep all of our document templates and other assets you need to complete your work. Any documents which are started that need to be collaborated on should sit within Teams.

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Your working day


We also widely use SharePoint (as our intranet) which is accessed through the 'News' tab of your Microsoft Teams. This is a central Hub where you can find information and news articles on things like our pay gap reporting, our Wellbeing Hub, our CSR Hub, and our Sales Enablement and Marketing Hubs, as well as information on NetSuite, links to our Central IT Hub and more!


Face-to-face Office Space

We have a contract with WeWork which allows us access to office space when this is required. WeWorks are located in four major locations across the UK with over 30 offices in London, 4 in Manchester, 1 in Birmingham, and 1 in Cambridge. We often utilise these spaces for social and collaborative meetings. We currently have 20 WeWork cards across the organisation, which the holders of which can be found on the Social Wellbeing page here.

We also have a policy which allows staff to book alternative, more local spaces should they be required.

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