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Say hello to your new colleagues

As we are predominantly a remote working organisation, we'd love for you to pop onto Microsoft Teams and say hello to your new colleagues. Put a little bit about yourself, what role you'll be taking on in the business, what you're looking forward to most about working at Socitm Advisory, or a little anecdote for your new colleagues - anything you like!

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If you tag (using the @ symbol) on our Socitm Advisory Hub Teams Channel, everyone will get a notification that you've posted and come and say hi.

If you're happy for us to do so, we'd also like to welcome you to the team on our LinkedIn company page. If you'd like for us to do this, please get in touch with Gabriel Summers (Marketing Assistant).

Don't forget to update your photograph on Teams - guidance for this can be found in the 'Pen Portraits' section here, and don't forget to update your email signature. 

Also, don't forget to update your LinkedIn profile with information about your new job role. Some suggested text and guidance can be found within the 'Marketing for New Starters' deck here.

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Introduce yourself

Complete the new starter checklist!

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Introduce yourself to the business

Send your headshots following guidelines to Rachael in Marketing

Produce a Pen Portrait using your new headshot

Complete the skills matrix

Set up your account in NetSuite

Register and log in to Udemy - complete Induction Learning Path

Update your email signature and LinkedIn profile

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