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Welcome to
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Socitm Woodland

It's never been more important to invest in our natural environment and help combat climate change. We're proud to we working with the Heart of England Forest, supporting the growth, protection and care for the environment through engaging and volunteering at the charity, predominantly with tree planting. Socitm's support for the volunteering programme will help the charity to plant, maintain and manage vital new woodlands and other important habitats that will grow and flourish to provide significant benefits for people, wildlife and the environment for generations to come.

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As part of our CSR Vision 2025 we're keen

to increase our investment in the environmental space. One way we are

doing this is with the launch of the

Socitm Woodland.

Together with the Heart of England Forest, we will plant trees, support the growth and establishment of new woodlands, and enable habitats to be created, restored and managed at a time when investing in nature has never been more important. Through this initiative, we will be able to increase our support and investment in the environment, wildlife, people and communities.

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What we've done so far...

Since Spring 2021, we have supported the Heart of England Forest in growing a brighter future by helping them achieve their ambitions of a new 30,000 acre forest.

By 2025, we aim to be a true friend to the forest and their ambitions by planting 500 trees each year, as well as supporting their forest maintenance efforts. Furthermore, we aim to recognise our staff, customers, and key milestones over time with the lasting honour of a planted tree.

Currently, only 13% of Britain is covered by trees - one of the lowest percentages in Europe! The Heart of England Forest aims to create and conserve a magnificent 30,000 acre broadleaf forest, and has currently got over 7,000 acres to boast in Warwickshire; including 4,000 acres of new woodland and 600 acres of mature and ancient woodland, having planted over 2 million trees so far.

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November 2021

In November, Matt, Chris, Russ and Morgan headed over to the Forest and helped plant 169 trees. Luckily, the sun was on their side!

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Your tree in the Socitm Woodland

We have already planted a variety of trees in the Socitm Woodland, with our main efforts being in English Oak, Silver Birch and Beech trees. You can find out more about the varieties of trees the Heart of England Forest is planting in their Tree Guide here.

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English oak

A symbol for strength and the national tree of many countries, including England, this species dominates deciduous woodland and accounts for around 35% of all the saplings planted by the Heart of England Forest.

Silver birch

This elegant, slender deciduous tree owes its common name to the grey, white or silver bark on its trunk, which appears to peel away like paper.


Often considered the 'queen of British trees', this impressive deciduous species has such delicate bark that any carvings, like lovers' initials, stay on the tree for many years before it can heal itself.

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